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Property Management in
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   Our experienced maintenance team pays special attention to detail and takes the time to make sure your property looks well-manicured. Specializing in irrigation and fertilization, we also handle a range of services involving aeration, snow removal, and more. For attentive property management in Elyria, OH, and beyond, rely on Lakeshore Design. Contact us today!   

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Beautiful Landscape Lighting, Property Management, Elyria, OH
Irrigation, Property Management, Elyria, OH

Irrigation Systems

Proper planning is critical if you want an efficient irrigation sprinkler system. Things to consider include plant growth over time, the mix of landscape beds to lawn area, and proper placement of heads to ensure the most efficient use of water. We'll consider all of these issues as we design your system.

Perhaps your current system isn't working correctly. Give us a call! We have the experience and knowledge required to bring it back to its peak operation.

Lawn Fertilization

Our organic approach to lawn fertilization helps improve your soil, creating a better environment for the grass plant to grow. Much like a well-tended garden, the plants grow best when the soil is enriched with microbes and rich organic matter. Ask us how we can help improve your lawn today!

Lawn Aeration and Overseeding

Core aeration is arguably the most important service you can do to your lawn. Removing cores from the lawn creates voids in compacted soil, allowing water and nutrients to reach the roots more easily.

Benefits of Core Aeration

During the winter months, the freeze/thaw action breaks up compacted soil and allows the roots to grow. This creates a stronger turf plant that better withstands droughts and stresses that are common during the summer months.

Benefits of Aeration, Property Management, Elyria, OH

Snow Removal

Taking care of snow during the winter months can be frustrating, but our team can be trusted to handle it for you promptly and efficiently. Call today and put us to work!